The SwinGallery strives to promote the dance community by providing social, educational and artistic opportunities in a welcoming and safe environment.  This guideline is meant to ensure that everyone attending the SwinGallery can express themselves, learn, have fun and feel safe.

Being a good event attendee:
Be mindful of others’ time.  If you ask someone for a dance, great. Asking for a second consecutive dance is sometimes nice but a third is typically over the line.  Let them rest or let them ask you for the next one.

Be mindful of others’ personal space.  When dancing, partners might find themselves in physically closer situations than they are comfortable with. Being physically close does not imply that participants relinquish all personal space or that they are romantically interested.  If someone is tense or nervous, opt to take it down a notch rather than holding them tighter.

Be aware of those around you.  Taking up excessive room on the dance floor or invading other dancers’ space makes it not-so-fun.  Accidents happen. If you bump into someone or step on a foot, apologize and move on. Aerials are not acceptable during social dances due to risk of injury to you and others. Even simple lifts or dips where the follow’s feet leave the floor can make follows uncomfortable.  We want you to have a good time but safety is always a priority.

Be mindful of others’ feelings.  Unsolicited advice is a major no-no.  If someone comes to you with questions, of course it’s great to help out.  But there are few things more embarrassing than being stopped in the middle of a dance to be told you’re doing it wrong.  The only exception is if someone is causing discomfort or pain, let them know directly but in a constructive way.

Being social doesn’t mean you have to dance with everyone and not everyone will want to dance with you.  It’s always nice to ask, but it’s equally important to take “No” gracefully. If you don’t want to dance, it’s never a problem to say “No thanks.”

Be the best dancer you can be.  Take lessons. Ask questions. Listen to the music and focus on your partner. Hygiene and responsible behavior are important.  Keep yourself clean. Wear deodorant. If you’re sick, stay home.  If you’re drunk, we’ll get you a ride.

Harassment will not be tolerated in any form.  Harassment can include offensive comments, deliberate intimidation, stalking, uninvited photographing or recording, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.  Harassment of any sort is grounds for possible removal from the event or activation of the accountability process.
If you experience harassment or feel unsafe during a dance event or involving other dance attendees, please bring your concerns to any of the SwinGallery staff.  These matters will be handled with complete confidentiality. If you’re not comfortable addressing an issue face-to-face, contact us via email ( or on Facebook.