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Progressive Lessons

Progressive Lessons are typically a harder lesson than the standard beginner lesson we offer.  They are progressive meaning that we intend on these classes building on the previous class material so joiners can only be added at the instructors discretion.  We try to get a group of students together that are going to stick with the progressive lesson through the month.  It is a great way to get some individual attention from our top notch instructors and the price is very reasonable as well. See our SwinGallery [Calendar] for additional information.


  • All lessons are $40 or $50 per month depending on number or weeks in the month or $12/lesson for individual classes.

  • Students can miss classes and still take the series.  check with instructor for additional information or "catch-up" policies.

  • No partner is required unless noted otherwise

  • All lessons at 8pm on Thursday nights.

  • All lessons include the SwinGallery dance immediately following the lesson.


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