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Private Lessons

Students have access to a multitude of lessons at the SwinGallery and we have grown over the last few years to offer these many types.  We built an extra studio to facilitate both a beginner lesson and progressive lesson every Thursday at 8:00pm but we also are available for private lessons (one on one) lessons where you can learn the absolute most and we can work with your directly.  All of our teachers are available for private lessons but our rates and availability are different from week to week.  Please check with our instructors directly for your next private lesson.

Terry & Kandy Thompson-Cannon:  $40/hr per person or $60 per couple.  You get both Terry & Kandy teaching at your private.  Our best time to teach privates is Saturdays at noon, 1pm, 2pm or 3pm.  Please contact terry@cincyswing.com or call 513-290-9022

Joel Domoe & Melanie Myers: Contact joel@supermurgatroid.com, Rates for privates are $50 for one instructor., $75 if it's both instructors per hour for up to four people (2 couples). 

Jesse Fatherree & Greta Schraer: Contact jesse@swingjunkie.com


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